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24/7 Emergency HVAC Services

181 currey crescent, Newmarket, Ontario

Air Conditioning Services Markham

Airomatic Mechanical Systems is single point of contact for AC Repair, New Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance Services in Markham and beyond.
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Affordable AC Repair in Markham, ON

AC Repair Markham

Proactive maintenance can prevent the need for extensive repair. However, there are some instances where you just cannot predict when the unit is going to fail. When it does, you can readily call us. We train our repair technicians to deliver high-quality services and actively communicate with you in an amicable way. They quickly understand the issues and solve them with the right tools in a precise manner. When you opt for air conditioning repair in Markham, you can expect to solve the following common AC problems:


Uneven Cooling


When your AC takes a long time to achieve the right temperature, you should immediately call us. Our experts evaluate the unit to find common reasons for this problem and restore your AC’s health to its prime.


Limited Airflow


When you realize that your AC isn’t blowing the right amount of air, you should get your filters and thermostats checked out. We investigate every element in your AC unit to pinpoint any errors in the system. Apart from this, there can be other concerns like indoor unit dripping water and the unit cooling way more than it is supposed to. We also offer emergency AC repair in Markham, where our technicians work steadfastly to fix your AC unit.


Air Conditioning Repair Markham

Air Conditioning Installation Markham

Get your AC installed with absolutely no hassle. Our experts specialize in installing several AC brands, making your shift to comfortable temperatures more efficient. We carefully analyze the living space and the optimal area to fit your AC indoor unit. Furthermore, we ensure that the unit has enough space on each side for easy maintenance access and seamless draining of the condensed water. When performing new air conditioner installation, we are extremely careful not to incur any damages to the unit. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Hence, we leave your premises clean and sanitized after installation. Spotless, slick, and swift describes our service the best.


For New AC Installation Markham, ON

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Preventative AC Maintenance Services Markham

Your AC is just like other electronic devices in your home. They require regular maintenance services to keep them running at optimal efficiency. Our professional HVAC services in Markham also offer you AC cleaning and maintenance. We help you maintain indoor air quality within safe levels and remove the odor with our efficient cleaning practices.

Get a New AC Installation, Repairs, or Maintenance Services Near You

Our Home HVAC Services

AC Installation
With several years of experience in providing HVAC services in Markham, our technicians fix your AC units the right way in a shorter time.
AC Maintenance
With specific maintenance procedures for different AC brands, our experts ensure that they always follow manufacturer-advised methods.
AC Repair
With access to talented experts, we prevent your search for one place for installation and another for repair. You can avail of all AC-related repairs under one roof with us.
Call AMS Expert if you experience any of the following issues:
1. Cooling capability of the AC unit is limited.
2. A stagnated airflow.
3. Unusual noises from the unit.
4. Musty smells when the AC runs.
5. Dripping of water/coolant from the indoor unit.
Why Choose us for Air Conditioning Services in Markham?
We have made hiring an expert for AC cleaning and maintenance easier through a well-maintained customer support system. Our team enables you to quickly identify the problems and fix them before your family members even know about them. Moreover, our clean services leave your home spotless even after drilling, installing, and maintenance procedures!

Our preventative maintenance covers all AC brands and provides a tailored maintenance schedule. Opting for our services offers you the following benefits:


Saves energy bills

An optimally running air conditioning unit ensures that your unit stays energy-efficient. Hence, regular maintenance helps keep your energy bills down.


Removes odor

By thorough cleaning, we remove all the molds. This prevents the spread of the musty smell you witness during seasons with excess humidity.


Reduces noise

A clean and well-maintained AC will have lower running noise than one clogged up with impurities. Our professional technicians improve your comfort through our comprehensive services. By opting for our AC clean and maintenance services, you get to enjoy the cool air breezing through your home, just like when a new air conditioner installation took place.

Air Conditioning FAQs

There are a few reasons for this to happen. However, the most common one is the loose mechanical parts or a malfunctioning compressor. If you hear a noise in your unit, you must immediately call for expert help.

The primary reason for this is a clogged compressor inlet. Dirt and debris blocking the coil will result in inefficient cooling of the AC. You can try cleaning the outdoor unit. But, if the issue persists, you must seek the help of a professional.

1. Inefficient cooling
2. Less airflow.
3. Noises when running.
4. Musty and moldy smell.
5. Leakage of coolant/water.
6. Burnt smell.

Our experts are trained technicians who can clearly understand all kinds of manuals from all AC brands. We are certain that our employees have enough expertise in all popular brands. You can simply call us and ask whether we serve the brand you have.

The price greatly depends on the type of AC you opt for. Different types of HVAC systems require separate modes of installation and work. Feel free to contact us to get a quote for the service you require!

Absolutely! We provide our expert services in Newmarket, East Gwillimbury, Aurora, Richmond Hill, and other Greater Toronto Areas in Ontario.

Looking for air conditioning repair in Markham? We, at Airomatic Mechanical Systems, are actively expecting calls from you. We follow a hassle-free procedure to book services like new air conditioner installation, repairs, and maintenance services. Call us today, at +1 (416) 618 1716.

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