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24/7 Emergency HVAC Services

181 currey crescent, Newmarket, Ontario

AC Repair Richmond Hill

Airomatic Mechanical Systems is single point of contact for AC Repair, New Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance Services in Richmond Hill and beyond.

Get your AC running at its optimal capacity and efficiency with our AC repair, installation & replacement services. We understand the discomfort a malfunctioning AC causes. Hence, we act quickly to fix the issue in no time. We train our experts to deliver a high-quality service with the most professional demeanor.

Air Conditioning Repair Richmond Hill, ON

Instead of Googling for ‘HVAC Services near me’, you can call us today and enjoy the finest AC repair in Richmond Hill. The quality of the service greatly depends on how the technician performs the job. With our standardized procedures, we ensure that the process happens quickly and efficiently. Moreover, we also adhere to strict safety guidelines to keep your family safe from germs.

Air Conditioning Repair, Installation & Maintenance Service Richmond Hill, ON

With Airomatic Mechanical Systems, you get a comprehensive AC service. This means you do not have to look for separate providers for AC repair, installation & or replacement services. We have experts who specialize in all things related to air conditioning. Thus, giving you a simple, complete, and affordable package.

AC Repair Richmond Hill

Personally, we do not feel comfortable in our own house when the AC malfunctions. When the air quality gets affected, the comfort of inhabitants naturally goes down. With our expertise in the field, you do not have to worry about spending even a single night without the comfortable air flowing everywhere.

Our AC repair specialists in Richmond Hill go through the following process:



The AC specialist thoroughly inspects every component of your AC system. This helps us identify the main cause of the problem. And, helps us find the right methods for fixing it quickly.


→ Repair

Through the insights gathered in thorough inspection, our technicians get to work quickly. We equip them with the appropriate tools to finish the process in a short time.


→ Cleaning

The AC cleaning and maintenance service may leave a mess after it gets completed. We encourage our specialists to clean the place and leave it just as we found it. This enables you to get into your comfort zone faster.

AC Installation Richmond Hill

Want to perform a new air conditioner installation with absolutely no hassle? Then, we have got you covered. We extend our services to installing new AC systems right from scratch. Our experts help you understand the various systems and let you find the one perfect for your home. And, we know that you would have bought the system with love and dedication to making your home better. Our trained professionals share that love for the equipment. Hence, they take utmost care while installing the new AC system.


We, at Airomatic Mechanical Systems, equip our employees with the latest tools and installation guides. So that they can perform a new air conditioner installation service with no delays and hindrances.

ac installation Richmond Hill
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AC Maintenance Richmond Hill

Emergency AC repair in Richmond Hill can cost you a lot. To prevent such unprecedented repairs, you need to opt for a regular AC cleaning and maintenance service. It can also prevent premature air conditioning replacement. By choosing our maintenance service, you get to enjoy professional maintenance checks and prompt repairs throughout the year.


Notice any issues with your air conditioning systems recently? Act quickly and call us today to avoid future repair costs!


Get a New AC Installation, Repairs, or Maintenance Services Near You

Air Conditioning Replacement Richmond Hill


If your AC is old and requires regular repairs that cost a fortune, it might be time to consider air conditioning replacement. Our experts carefully analyze every component in the system to see whether the repairs will be worth it. If not, we will find the most cost-effective way to replace the old one with a more advanced system.

Benefits of Central Air Conditioning

→ More cooling for a lesser price.

→ Maintains even temperature throughout your home.

→ Makes Indoor Air Quality better.

→ Modulates the indoor humidity levels.

→ Reduces the frequency of maintenance schedules.a

Common Problems in Air Conditioning

→ The outdoor unit does not maintain a steady inflow of air.

→ The fan runs inefficiently.

→ It takes longer to cool than before.

→ Emanates a moldy smell.

→ Liquid dripping from the indoor unit.

→ Uneven cooling.

→ Clogged/stagnated airflow.

Why Choose Airomatic Mechanical Systems (AMS) For AC Repair Services in Richmond Hill?

We specialize in providing the most efficient AC repair, installation & replacement services in Richmond Hill. Apart from regular AC repair, we also offer emergency AC repair in Richmond Hill and other major areas. No matter what your AC’s issue is, our goal is to find them and fix them ASAP!

Air Conditioning FAQs

There are many reasons for this to happen. However, the most common one is that dust and impurities are blocking your intake. If the problem persists after a simple cleaning, call us today and we will find and fix the root cause for you.

The average expectancy of an AC unit is around 15 years. But, if they cost too much to keep them running, you must replace them with more efficient systems. They can save your electricity bills and repair costs.

It depends entirely on the size, the number of filtration units, and the personalized choices you opt for. However, the typical cost for purchase and installation is somewhere between $3000 and $6500.

To ascertain the capacity you need, you need the help of experts. They know the right size that caters to your living space and your budget limitations.

The installation cost varies depending on the type of AC system you choose. So, to know the exact cost of installation, call us today and inquire.

Yes! Our expert services are available in Newmarket, Markham, Aurora, East Gwillimbury, and Greater Toronto areas in Ontario apart from Richmond Hill.

Looking for experienced HVAC services near me? Airomatic Mechanical Systems is your one-stop solution for it. Our AC repair, installation & replacement services are not only the most affordable but also the friendliest service there is. Call us today at +1 (416) 618 1716.