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24/7 Emergency HVAC Services

181 currey crescent, Newmarket, Ontario


Furnace Installation

We provide furnace installation for all the leading brands and companies. Whether you are using Goodman, KeepRite, Lennox or any other brand, we have the expertise to install all of them. There’s no brand that we haven’t worked with – our team has come across every single brand with its different specifications and installed them with ease.

Furnace directly impacts the indoor air quality of the residential or commercial space. When you find an unusual smell or noise, ask the experts to repair the furnace. When the furnace can’t be repaired because it has become obsolete and reached the stage of complete damage, that’s when you know that you need a new furnace.

Depending on the complexity of the job, new furnace installation can take anywhere between 4 hours to 2 days (4-6 hours of work each). Furnaces come in different sizes, so the time taken to install will also depend on that. If there are space constraints, then solving them might take extra time because the experts will make more space before installing the furnace.

Furnace Repair

The cost of furnace repair depends on the intensity of the problem. Generally, it ranges from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand. However, that is not an exact estimate as some furnaces repair jobs require less time and lead to lower costs. If the furnace repair costs a couple of thousand, it is best to replace the furnace rather than repair as it will save costs in the long run.

We repair furnaces of all brands that are available in the market. From Goodman to KeepRite and others, our team has worked with all the different brands of furnaces that you can find. We have enough experience to work with furnaces from multinational companies to local providers. While all furnaces are similar in functionality, we understand the nuances that come with different brands.

While we provide complete furnace repair NewmarketEast Gwillimbury, Richmond HillMarkham, Aurora, & surrounding Greater Toronto Areas. , our services extend beyond that. Our team can come to your house if it is within their radius, check the furnace, and offer an affordable estimate for the repair. We cover different parts of Ontario, and we are constantly expanding our delivery. You can contact our experts and let them know the location in advance to see if we serve your area or not.

Furnace Maintenance

Our furnace maintenance services include a complete evaluation of the furnace, cleaning of the furnace, checking it for leaks and damages, fixing such issues, and ensuring that every component is working properly. We maintain the furnace in such a way that it increases the energy/fuel efficiency and leads to longer life of the furnace.

It depends on the condition of the furnace. The standard time is to get the furnace cleaned once a year to keep it in top-notch condition. However, if the furnace is old and works inefficiently, then cleaning it twice a year (once every six months) should be the ideal choice. Cleaning ensures that the furnace stays in good condition and runs for a long time.

Dirty filters are one of the most significant causes of poor air quality. It can lead to air contaminants. Check the filter and see if light passes through it. If it doesn’t pass, the filter is probably too dirty and needs to be changed. Regular maintenance can help to keep your furnace in check and ensure that proper air quality is maintained.

AC Install

When you see that the energy bills have increased significantly or your current air conditioner is beyond repair, that’s when you need to install a new air conditioner system. You should not wait to install an AC until the last moment or spend a hefty sum of money on an old one. The life of an AC is 10-15 years, and once you reach that stage it is recommended to install a new air conditioner.

The size of an air conditioner depends on the size of the space where you need to install it. Generally, 1 and 1.5 ton ACs are the preferred choice for most residential rooms. As the size of the room grows, people are switching to 2 ton ACs or installing 2 ACs of 1.5 ton each.

Yes, our team has the expertise and experience to install a new AC at your home in a couple of hours. We send a team that evaluates the space where the air conditioner needs to be installed, makes the required holes, and installs the AC with ease. We have done it hundreds of times before, and we will do it exceptionally well for you.

When you see that the existing AC is consuming more energy than it normally should or it is producing unusual noises, that’s when you need to repair the AC. An annual maintenance from will also let you know when the air conditioner needs repair as these experts know what went wrong and how to fix it to avoid future problems.

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