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furnace repair markham

24/7 Emergency HVAC Services

181 currey crescent, Newmarket, Ontario

fireplace repair markham

Professional Fireplace Repair East Gwillimbury

Fireplaces have always been and will continue to be the center of attraction and utility generation after generations. They are the most cost-effective and durable option to keep you warm during the freezy winter months. Airomatic Mechanical System is the right company for the reliable HVAC services in East Gwillimbury. We offer new fireplace installation, fireplace repair, and fireplace maintenance services. We are the one-stop solution to cover everything related to fireplaces.


Our Expertise

Our professionals are trained, trustworthy, and quick to act. So, you can stay assured of getting the services you need. The comprehensive range of our reliable services is gas fireplace installation, repair, and maintenance. For more than 15 years, we have provided HVAC services in East Gwillimbury. We are experts at installing new fireplaces and replacing or fixing them with state-of-the-art units to give them longevity and an excellent look. In addition, we understand the importance of emergency support and offer emergency fireplace repair East Gwillimbury services whenever required for homes and offices.

What services do we offer?

– Stove installation for gas and wood fireplaces
– Gas and wood fireplace repair and installation
– Fireplace maintenance
– Fireplace cleaning and maintenance
– Gasket restoration and replacement
– Inserts assimilated from gas and wood
– Gas logs
– Personalized mantels and woodwork

fireplace services markham

– Fireplace crack sealing
– Fireplace repair and replacement
– Obstruction removal
– Fireplace Inspection
– Gas lines installation
– Fireplace grate repairing
– Gas log replacement
– Smoke guard installation
– Refractory panels
– Electric chimney installation, maintenance, and repair
– Fireplace glass cleaning

Call (416) 618-1716 for new fireplace repair, installation, or maintenance services anywhere in NewmarketEast Gwillimbury, Aurora, Richmond HillMarkham & surrounding Greater Toronto Areas in Ontario.

Which fireplaces fit your place?

This modern variant of fireplaces is safer and cleaner than traditional fireplaces. It is available in two types: ventless implicit variants and immediate vent underlying.

It creates a rustic and open-hearth western appearance while providing sparkling fire-sourced warmth. Available alternatives include an embedded chimney, an encased chimney, and a wood-consuming oven.

This one is easy to install and use. You can have it in various options, but the most popular place to install an electric fireplace is the electric chimney, shelf chimney, TV stand, or entertainment centers.

This fireplace comes with a firebox and a chimney that provides warmth on the patio and open dining spaces. You can get any style from wood, gas, and brick fireplace.

It is the ideal way to go for a special warmth-producing effect. Ethanol fireplaces are available in various styles. Besides, you can convert your gas or wood fireplace to an ethanol fireplace.

Fireplace Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Services Near You


Our experts can install various fireplace types, or replace your existing fireplace. Comes with best labor warranty.


Is your fireplace broken or leaking? AMS specialists can help you! We are open 24/7 for emergency fireplace repairs.


Proper maintenance helps fireplaces to perform efficiently. Call AMS for your fireplace maintenance.

Gas Fireplace Repair Services in East Gwillimbury, ON

A gas fireplace is more convenient and safer than wood fireplaces. It can heat your space quickly, protecting you from the harmful particles and toxins released by wood-consuming chimneys. East Gwillimbury has some of the best gas fireplace repair companies; we are one of them. We do everything, from gas fireplace installation to East Gwillimbury gas fireplace repair, maintenance, and replacement within the specified time frame.

Installation: The job calls for professionals who are field experts in brickwork, electric work, and design. The fireplace installation process is done jointly with the renovations of your home.
Cleaning: Fireplace cleaning is a tough but attainable job, from eradicating ashes, stains, shoots to maintaining the chimney’s exterior.
Maintenance: We offer a range of pocket-friendly fireplace maintenance packages, including a few crucial DIY maintenance tips. You can clean the fireplace glass with the help of a sponge and the mixture of a cup of vinegar and a bucket full of water.
Repair: Call pros when it comes to fireplace repair service East Gwillimbury. May it be a minor crack or a complex repair, a DIY process can cause more damage.

Why choose us


– Technical Standard & Safety Authority (TSSA) and Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) certified pros also have a metropolitan license.
– Expert hands to work around-the-clock
– Responsive team
– New fireplace installation that accords to the aesthetics of your home.
– Repair and replacement of newfangled fireplace parts and equipment.
– Prompt cleaning services
– Regular fireplace inspection services
– Affordable ongoing fireplace services post-installation

When is the time to call experts?

– Excessive pungent or gas smell
– Overheating
– Limited fire flame level
– Pilot light misfire or not firing
– Yellow blazes from the burner
– White residue appears on fireplace glass
– Malfunctioning fans
– Fire blows out quickly
– Inconsistency in the chimney fireplace; turning on and off after a few minutes
– Fire lifting the burner
– The fireplace doesn’t turn out at all

Airomatic Repair System is the ideal fireplace repair company near you in East Gwillimbury. We are field experts offering top-notch, professional installation, maintenance, and repair services at a price that suits your needs. For HVAC services in East Gwillimbury Call (416-618-1716); to schedule an appointment for fireplace installation, repair, or maintenance service or get a free quote. We will provide you with a prompt, professional fireplace repair East Gwillimbury service to give your home the warmth ensuring your safety.