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Gas Fireplaces were aforetime, the only source to keep warm during winters. But today, with all the heat pumps, furnaces, and other applications available to provide warmth during the cold weather, Gas fireplaces have secured the special place in many Canadian homes. Along with warmth, it provides a unique peerless gathering spot for friends and family in the cold evenings. Aromatic Mechanical Systems is the right spot to stop if you have a Gas fireplace or are on the lookout for one new built. We offer a variety of Gas fireplace services in Newmarket, Ontario. These include Gas fireplace installation, repair, and maintenance. Share your needs with us, and we will do the rest.
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Fireplace Installation

While on the lookout for the right Gas fireplace to fit your home, you will encounter many options. Our experts will help guide you in making the right decision for your home. Once you have decided on the type of Gas fireplace, our experts will take care of the entire installation process. Besides, we will be happy to help you replace your old Gas fireplace with the new one. No matter what type of Gas fireplace you want to install, we can help you with our expert and efficient services.

Fireplace Repair

A Gas fireplace is often taken as an invincible object that will never need any repair work. Nonetheless, the bricks and masonry of the fireplace are prone to get damaged and can also need certain repairs to the gas lines and burners. Gas Fireplace damage can be dangerous. However, it would be best if you didn’t ignore them. As soon as you encounter any issue, immediately call experts and schedule the required repairs.


Gas Fireplaces are durable, but they still need special care. Aromatic Mechanical Systems is equipped with a range of services that will ensure your fireplace provides you with the warmth and joy in your house.


Call (416) 618-1716 for new fireplace installation, maintenance and repair  services in NewmarketEast Gwillimbury, Aurora, Richmond HillMarkham & surrounding Greater Toronto Areas in Ontario.

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Periodic inspections of your Gas fireplace will maintain the safety of your property. The professional inspections will assess the firebox, the lining in the chimney, the masonry, the gas line, and all other aspects of the Gas fireplace to ensure that the ventilation is in its best condition.


Call (416) 618-1716 for fireplace maintenance, new installation or repair  services in NewmarketEast Gwillimbury, Aurora, Richmond HillMarkham & surrounding Greater Toronto Areas in Ontario.

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